Sandblasting, Powder Coating and Restoration Services

Each project is carefully prepared to ensure a perfect finish!


Sandblasting removes rust, scale and other contaminants from the surface of parts giving an excellent surface for paint adhesion. Our enclosed sand blasting room can accomodate parts up to
30' x 7.5' x 9'(9.1m x 2.29m x 2.74m). We carefully prepare and protect sensitive surfaces preventing any damage from the sandblasting process. Our skilled operators ensure the best results for your product or restoration.

Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a hard durable chemical resistant coating that can be applied to any metal surface. Our large coating room and baking room can accomodate parts as large as 30' x 7.5' x 9' (9.1m x 2.29m x 2.74m). We can also provide specialty finishes such as candies, metallics and hammertones. Our modern clean equipment and attention to detail ensures only the highest quality finish. We stock most common colors to minimize lead times on painted parts. Colors can be matched by RAL number from a large pallette of standard colors.


Old car and motorcycle parts for restoration. Gasket surfaces are carefully masked to prevent sandblasting damage and paint application.
Other parts suitable for restoration are

  • garden furniture
  • go kart parts
  • marine items
  • swing sets
  • playground items
  • sports equipment